Juice Fast

The inspiration for this experiment came when my friend Bradley from Pass The Sour Cream told me about a documentary called “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.” (You can watch the film for free at the bottom of this page.)

Despite the depressing title, it’s a pretty inspiring story about two guys who are, you guessed it, fat, sick and nearly dead. The film follows the filmmaker, Joe Cross, and an American truck driver as they rediscover their health and fitness by way of a juice fast.

The Rules

The rules of this experiment are very simple.

For one month:

  • Give up my regular diet (no solid foods)
  • Only consume fresh juice from fruits and vegetables
  • I’m allowing myself the occasional cup of green tea to make my caffeine detox easier (not looking forward to the headaches in my future)
  • If I drop below a healthy weight, I will start eating nuts and legumes

For the most part, I’ll be making my own juice with the juicer I recently bought. If it’s not practical to drink juice I’ve made myself, I’ll substitute with fresh (not processed) juice from a store.

The Journey

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Watch Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead