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The best part of the Monthly Experiments Project has been seeing so many of you doing your own personal experiments. Some of you have written to me about your life-changing results. I can’t tell you how happy those emails make me. 🙂

This month, we’re mixing things up a little bit. Instead of me doing an experiment by myself, I’m inviting you to join me.

Kristin Runvik from Positively Unconventional contacted me about doing an experiment for this site. I’ve been a fan of her blog, so I was thrilled to have her on board. One of the experiment ideas she suggested happened to be the exact same experiment I had planned to do in December: Practicing Mindfulness. We decided to do this experiment at the same time, and invite you to join us.

How It Will Work

Kristen and I will write about our experiences with this experiment on the blog. We’ll share any lessons we learn, resources we find helpful, and tips to help you practice mindfulness.

How You Can Join Us

The rule for this experiment is simple:
For the month of December, practice mindfulness every day.

You can practice mindfulness in whatever way works best for you. I plan to do a short daily meditation. Other people might focus on stopping complaining. We’ll suggest some other mindfulness exercises in an upcoming post. You can choose whatever sounds best to you, or you can experiment with different techniques.

Kristen wrote a fantastic introduction to mindfulness to get you started.

Do you have a blog?

If you have a blog, and you want to join us for this experiment, we’re going to do something special.

We’ll be using this page as an Experiment Hub Page. Kristen and I will be linking to all of our mindfulness posts from this page. If you’re willing to write about your mindfulness experiment on your own blog, we’d love to link to your posts from this page.

Just submit your own mindfulness posts, and get featured on this page.

We are all going to have a unique experience in doing this experiment. By sharing the unique lessons we all learn, we can benefit more people.

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Your Experiment Hosts

John Muldoon

I’m John Muldoon, founder of the Monthly Experiments Project. You can read all about it here. I love personal experimentation and helping people improve their lives, one month at a time.

I hope you decide to join us. You can say hello to me on Twitter @MonthlyExp.

Kristen Runvik

Kristen Runvik, from Positively Unconventional, is all about the pursuit of meaningful adventures and believes all of life is an experiment, so we should have fun. Her mantra: dream big, do big.

Badass this. Badass that. Humble brag. Find her on Twitter @positiveandfree.


Our Posts About This Experiment

John’s posts:

Kristen’s posts:

Readers’ Posts About Practicing Mindfulness

Ann Rea from Artists Who Thrive:
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Our good friend Maria Brilaki from Fitness Reloaded:
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Karol Gajda’s
~ No Negativity Challenge

Susan Alexander from Good Disruptive Change:
~ Change & The Ultimate Google Search
~ Susan also did a 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge of her own! Awesome.

Linda Esposito from Talk Therapy Biz:
~ Mindful December: 31 Days to Smile, Breathe, and Go Slowly 

Kate Bradley from Kate Bradley Fine Art:
~ Living Fully, Boldly and Free

More posts coming soon!

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